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Plan B!

FDA Approves Over-the-Counter Sales for Plan B (Article from USA Today)

The FDA announced yesterday (Tuesday, April 30, 2012) that the “morning after” pill known as Plan B will now be available over-the-counter. The box will be placed on stores shelves by the condoms and other contraceptives. On top of this, the age limit required to buy the pills will be lowered to 15 from 17. Buyers will still have to show proof of age at the check-out.


I’ll skip over the personal feelings I have toward this product. Instead, I’ll say that, having worked in retail for 7 years, this is probably the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of. First, why even have an age limit if you’re going to drop it to 15 years of age in the first place? Why not completely eliminate a required age to buy the pills? Second, do you really think people will be buying these suckers? Oh, sure, you might get one or two boxes at the register every once in awhile, but let me tell you how it works. You see, in retail over-the-counter contraceptive department, the folks (usually young ones, I’ll give you that, and occasionally some older folks) will just walk by, pick up a box, take it over to the least crowded corner of the store so they can rip the box open, stuff the contents into their pockets and walk back out without having to pay for them.

So, there again, why bother with an age limit if you’re going to sell these from the store shelves? No 15 year old is going to pay for this pill now. And as for anyone under 15 that just wants it, they’ll steal it like they do the condoms and other OTC meds they can rip open and shove into their pockets.

My faith in humanity slips a little more each day.

Wii Went There


The lengths some people will go to for a Wii U! :)

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Nintendo has released it’s latest system, the Wii U and you know what that means! Ridiculously high demands and very little stock. We all know some people would go to extreme measures to get their hands on the new system and as it turns out, so would we.

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iPad Mini 1st Step in Killing off the iPod Touch?

The following opinion piece at the blog of Garrick Van Buren offers an interesting take on the place of the new iPad Mini in the Apple Universe. And you know what? It makes sense. My original idea was that it would take the place of the iPad 2 and sell for around $399. Instead, Apple wedged it in between the iPAd 2 and the iPod Touch – an odd predicament, indeed.

If this kind of discussion interests you, head over to Garrick Van Buren and read his thoughts.

The iPad Mini is About Killing the iPod Touch – Garrick Van Buren