Reverse Engineered Gaming Community

A couple of friends and myself decided to get together and go in on our own little gaming community. There’s nothing fancy or special about it, aside from the fine folks that choose to sign up to be a member. We’re new, we’re growing, and we’re looking for a large variety of members across all platforms. There is only one caveat: We’d like to keep this family friendly! No vulgar language or inappropriate conversations. Just folks that like to come together and play games and have a decent time.

Right now we’re only set up across Destiny (on the PS4), and Diablo 3. Looking for others to create as they see fit, just please let us know and join the Facebook group to connect with others to set up game times and sessions. We hold no copyright on the group name, but please show a little respect when using it as it will hopefully come to represent many others as we join together and grow!

Visit us & sign up here:

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheros (Xbox 360)

* This is a quick and dirty take on our first day and a half with Disney Infinity 2.0, Marvel Superheros for the Xbox 360. This is not a game review or level-by-level run down *


My son and I picked up Disney Infinity 2.0, the Marvel Superheros starter edition for the Xbox 360 this weekend. The characters included are Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor. The set also comes with the Disney Infinity 2.0 game disc and a character base as well as 2 power discs. The discs we received (I’m not sure if they’re the same from box to box) were Assault on Asgard, and The Kiln. As a preorder bonus from our local Gamestop, we also got to select a free character, Venom in this case, and my wife picked up two additional characters – Groot and Rocket Raccoon.  My son also picked up a couple of power discs and received The Infinity Gauntlet and World War Hulk Sky.

Right off the bat, I think the execution is epic. Skill trees for the superheros, flying abilities, voice work, animation – it’s all beautiful to behold. But all of that seems to come at a price, for the Xbox 360 version, anyways. That price to be paid is in the execution of the gameplay. As soon as you put a figure on the base and attempt to load into a world, there is a long and drawn out wait. Gold flashing, rotating light fills the screen and you’re left just sitting there, staring and waiting. At least one other person online has said it takes at least 30 seconds, whereas the old game the characters were good to go within 3 seconds. This is an eternity when you’re waiting to play the game. During this time you can’t move, push buttons – anything at all. You’re at the mercy of the character loading.

We didn’t get to play individually, but as for split screen co-op mode, it was like playing a high-end PC game on a low-end PC. There were glitches, lagging gameplay, moments when we thought for sure the game would freeze up because there was so much going on on screen. I’m not sure if other consoles are having this problem – especially new generation consoles, but our old 360 seemed to be pushed to its limits, and was struggling to keep up. Hopefully this is just poor planning – or perhaps from the console trying to load all the data stored on each individual character. After all, those skill trees are carried with the character if you go to another console to play, so that’s stored on the base. I’m guessing there’s some load time issues there. As for the jerky, lagging video experience, I have no idea what is causing that except for possibly the pure processing power.

There is also the issue of not being able to cross over characters. For example, in the Avengers playset, you can only play as an Avenger. Rocket or Groot or Venom can’t come play the adventure. I honestly can’t recall if this is the same in 1.0 version games or not. It’s been awhile since we played, to be honest. There IS one method of allowing certain characters, and that is to collect 10 of their tokens within the game. This will allow you to bring that character into a different playset. So far we’ve found 6 Rocket Raccoon coins and 3 of another superhero I’m not familiar with from the Spider-Man playset.

On a bright spot, you can use Disney 1.0 characters in the Toybox and in the challenge mini games, however you can not use their playsets while the Infinity 2.0 disc is in the system. You actually have to start up a 1.0 game to use your old playsets. This is another disappointment. And, of course, 2.0 characters can not be used at all with the 1.0 game.

While I want to like Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Superheros, I also find myself forced to hate it. Too many bugs and play issues not to mention backward compatibility issues as far as playsets go. There are hopefully some patches coming down the line that will take care of the majority of these. I doubt any of them will include backward compatibility, but I can always hope.

Now if I can just decide what to do with all those Skylanders characters that are just sitting around collecting dust …

In Search Of: Family Friendly Gaming Community

I’ve always been an avid single-player gamer. I like RPG’s because they give you that “big party” feel, yet leave you alone and allow you to roam at your own pace. Several years ago I did venture into The World of Warcraft, and even joined a guild there (because I had a friend who was in it at the time). But mainly I soloed all my quests, again as a hunter w/ pets to assist me and long range damage capabilities. I liked to play with others, but not in an online setting.

The reason I steered clear of social activities online is because of the particular type of gamer associated with most popular games. You get the foul mouth, hate-spewing wretch who has to poon everyone. The immature grade schooler who thinks they can run their mouth because they’re anonymous online and will run your mother down to the ground with their profane chatter. Or, as is still the case in Call of Duty, the perfect players that don’t want anyone that they deem below their standards even in the same lobby as a game is loading. These are the people  I always associated with online gaming, and that’s why I steered far from that road of destruction.

Now I’m older. Most every game released now has a multiplayer online feature. And I admit, that with most of my time being spent at home, or online, I’m finding that I am in need of online friends. This is especially true with new and popular games such as Destiny and Diablo 3’s Ultimate Evil Edition. Not that I don’t have real life associates to communicate with, but I have very, very few friends who share my love of gaming. So that leads me to wonder where I can find those mature, family friendly folks who are decent to hang out with in an online setting.

In Bungie’s Destiny online shooter, I joined a clan for a podcast I listen to. There are over a dozen members of this clan, pretty much all in their little close-knit circle of friends that have been guests on the show or extremely vocal/supporters on Twitter. The problem with me being a member is, I am not one of these folks within that inner-circle. I’ve yet to join up with any of our clan members or even make their game nights. Even the conversations within clan forums or message boards seem to be an intrusion on a conversation being held by friends. I’m kind of a “third wheel,” or more appropriately, “the odd man out.”

I’ve done some Google searches for gaming communities. Family friendly, even. But the results that come up haven’t been active in over a year or more when you go to their sites and research them. So my question to you, Dear Reader, is: where can I find a good, decent, somewhat family friendly, mature gaming community that might even be willing to welcome a newcomer such as myself into the fold? Any suggestions are appreciated and will be looked into.

The particular games I’m looking to play can spread across Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4 and the occasional 3DS and PC/Mac. At the moment I’m especially interested in Diablo 3 (PS4 and Mac/PC), Destiny, Hearthstone. And I’m starting to get the itch to play some WoW again.

Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of the week.

Destiny: Hunter, Lvl 13 Update

Update on my Hunter’s progress. We reached level 13 today, a little behind our goal of level 15 for the weekend, but not completely out of reach.


I also bought my first ship upgrade, which offers me a new piece of eye candy to stare at while in obit. Also, got a rare cape from some random drop.


Below are the stats for the 2 modes I’ve played so far: Story and Patrol.