What I Want To Say …

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This is what I want to say: 

“I give up. I do. I am tired of trying to stay ahead and do everything the right way and work my butt off just for things to fall through due to one misplaced little piece of the giant puzzle. I can’t do it anymore. It just causes more trouble and creates more stress and distance between loved ones. All I ever ask is for something to go my way when I need it most, and that’s usually when the rug gets pulled out from beneath me. I’m tired, out of shape and miserable because I feel I constantly let my family down week after week. I need relief. I need hope. And I need it yesterday, not tomorrow or two weeks from now. I need to know I’ve not lost myself while trying not to lose anything else. So I’m done. I wash my hands of the whole do-gooder attitude and take the bullet. Time to stop trying to dodge the train when it just keeps racing right at me.”

This is what I say instead:

“Oh, I’m fine! How are you today? Great. Yes, everything is going great.”

Revisiting Lego Batman 3 for the PS4

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A few months ago, I posted my review of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for the Playstation 4. Today, I’m here to add an update to that review. It’s not a pretty update, friends. You see, since posting that initial review, and playing – or attempting to play – Lego Batman 3 over the last couple of months, I’ve encountered crash after crash, losing levels worth of data and progress that we’d achieved. It sucks!

Where the problem lies, I do not know. I’ve tried restarting the system fresh, tried reinstalling the game and downloading the save file – all to the same results. The game will randomly either not load at all, or will encounter an error at some point in the game and just crash, asking you to file a report before exiting out completely. Tonight was the last straw and I decided that Lego Batman 3 is getting deleted from the console storage and traded in next time I go to Gamestop. I refuse to continue to support or try to play a game that doesn’t want to cooperate with me.

Now, I have considered that it’s something to do with the actual save file, but that just makes me all the more angry because the game isn’t entertaining enough for me to delete the file and play through the game again just to get back to the point that I’m currently at. I’ve beat the darn game, just let me play and 100% the levels and unlock all my characters, darn it!

But the damage is done. Bye bye, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. T’was nice playing with you while  I could, but I just don’t have room in my game library for something that isn’t going to be reliable enough to spend my valuable time on. Maybe when you get down to about $10 I’ll pick you up again, though that seems kind of a high price itself, now that I think about it.

As I Lie Here, Plotting …

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I’ve had broken bones. As a small child I had both legs broken in an accident. The right leg, to this day, still has a scar that’s grown with me. I’ve broken my right arm in 6th grade on the playground. And, of course, we know about the hand a few months ago. 

I’ve had one surgery in my life. Same said right hand. An infection of some type that lead to horrible swelling. The doctor had to slice it open in two spots and drain it out, creating a hole in my finger that we had to change twice a day and stuff with gauze. 

And then there is today. 

Let me rewind and recap. Since the coughing spells I had a few months ago, I’d developed this lump near my belly button. It didn’t really bother me but once in a rare while I’d have some discomfort. Well this passed Thursday, it nearly brought me to my knees. The pain in my stomach and groin were awful. Friday morning I made an appointment to have it checked out. Minutes after examination, I’m consulting a surgeon and being admitted to the hospital for surgery today. 

Umbilical hernia. That’s my enemy.

So I lay here and answer the same questions over and over. Waiting for noon when I’m suppose to be cut open. On the bright side, I may get to go home today, too. Though I won’t be able to lift anything for up to 6 weeks. 

Here goes nothing!

Currently Reading: Smoke & Mirrors by Neil Gaiman

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Finally getting around to sinking my teeth into a second Gaiman book. A collection of short stories!


Daredevil, Season 1, Episode 5: World on Fire

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The following review/opinion piece contains major spoilers about the Netflix original series, Marvel’s Daredevil. Be warned, here and now, that I’ll be giving rundowns of the episode and commenting here and there about what I’ve watched and opinions on certain scenes or events. Read on if you’d like to share your own comments below, or come back another time after you’ve watched the show. Thanks for your time!


Wow. World on Fire continues to build on our story and offers just enough to keep everyone busy. One thing Daredevil is doing that a lot of other shows don’t seem to get is that it’s actually moving the story along. Some series will focus on the same subject matter for several episodes, repeating the same information we have already gathered and just refuse to move on – filling in dead air, I guess. Daredevil is chugging along, moving out characters at a nice pace and advancing our story so that we aren’t left sitting for too long in one spot. Things are happening, getting shaken up and consequences are occurring that must be dealt with. So let’s get started on my thoughts on this episode …

Matt has a soft spot for all the people he pulls into his complicated life. After rescuing her from the Russians, Matt offers Claire a place to stay at his own apartment. He gives her, and us, a description of how his senses work, and what it is he sees in his blind world. He sees, for the record, “A world on fire.”

Repercussions from Fisk’s beheading of Anatoley include some mixed emotions and distrust from other members of the crime families Fisk is trying to head. Their lack of respect for him and his actions show that he is still an up and coming kingpin of crime. His loyal right hand man, Wesley, has planted enough evidence (i.e. a black mask) on the corpse of Vladimir’s brother to point evidence of the beheading toward Daredevil. Fisk assures the others that the Russian’s will be taken care of soon, just to continue on with business as usual until then.

Meanwhile, Matt and Foggy take up a case to help a rundown tenement building and its lowly residents. This is all part of the remodeling of Hell’s Kitchen that Fisk has bigger plans for. Remember, everything is connected in this series and Fisk’s plans will eventually encompass all of Hell’s Kitchen, not just the underworld of crime. As far as the case goes, Foggy and Karen hold down this part of the storyline.

Inside the New York Police Department, the Hell’s Kitchen division here, Matt visits to pick up some complaints toward the owner of the building in question. While there, his super hearing picks up on the interrogation of one of the Russian’s he had a run in with. The man mentions Fisk by name, and the cops in the room with him are revealed to be working for Fisk. Dirty cops. They stage an attempted escape and kill the Russian right in the police station. Matt later tries to get a little info from one of the cops, but ends up with the cops burner phone instead, listing four addresses related to the Russians.

Fisk continues his courtship with Vanessa, recreating a more private dinner with her where they get to know one another. He assures her that beside him is the safest place she can stand. His plans are revealed for Hell’s Kitchen, that the city must die in order to be reborn under his guidance and vision. Vanessa then hands over a gun that she’s had hidden in her purse, showing her trust of Fisk and accepting his role as her guardian.

As Vladamir prepares for war against Fisk, his men gathered together at the four addresses Matt found on the phone he took from the dirty cop. Each location is visited by one of Madam Gao’s blind delivery men, who reveal a detonator and destroy the four locations the Russian’s were using. Fisk and Vanessa watch this from their location while at dinner. Vanessa stares on in awe as she seems to suddenly understand what Fisk was talking about with his rebirth speech.

Reeling from the explosion, Vladimir attempts to escape his hideout, but Daredevil is there waiting on him. Matt himself was caught up in the blast, but he jumps on Vladimir immediately and begins beating the living crap out of him. But then we get a huge cliffhanger as the police come screeching in and pull guns. Our vigilante is caught at gunpoint with no where to go and the cops closing in just paces away.

Holy crap! What a great episode and cliffhanger. The Russians have pretty much been shut down by Fisk. His plans for rebuilding Hell’s Kitchen by basically tearing it apart are out. The other crime syndicate’s are not scared enough to keep from questioning his decisions, but they’re just scared enough to not risk going it on their own. And Daredevil … he’s got to get it together and stop reacting on pure impulse. Ah, the learning curve of new heroes must be a steep one.