The Glass Cannon Podcast

Seven years ago, I started listening to a real-play tabletop role playing game podcast. Based on Giantslayer, a Pathfinder Adventure Path published by Paizo, it immediately sucked me in. The guys were funny, relatable, and great storytellers. Now, 7 years later, the campaign is coming to an end. I’m sad my weekly dose of these characters are about to meet their fate, but glad I’ve been a part of their journey.

The Giantslayer storyline will be over, but there’s plenty more entertainment from the GCN to enjoy. I’m thankful for everyone involved and appreciate all the hours of entertainment they’ve brought the Naish over the years.

Weekend Entertainment

Our youngest son is on a 7u travel baseball team. He’s been on a few the last couple of seasons, but due to team “drama” between coaches, those teams split at the end of each season. Those teams, coincidentally, weren’t very good, and didn’t seem to comprehend what the travel aspect of travel ball meant.

This season, we were actually invited by a new team to join them. Well, our youngest was, based on his skills. So far, this season, we’ve spent weekends at home, in Georgia, Kentucky, have a week long tournament planned in Nashville, and are planning a week long stay in Panama City. This is travel ball!

A Month to Reflect … and Backslide

Pretty much all of March I was down and out with various health issues. I never visited a clinic or our family doctor because, honestly, I didn’t want to. If anything, I’d say I had either the flu, or the new variant the news keeps pushing. Mainly I was extremely fatigued, aching all over, congested like a sinus infection, and just down and out. On top of that, at work, I was assigned to a task for two weeks. During that, I hurt my back and couldn’t walk without pain shooting through my body.

I’ll stop my excuses and complaints there. Needless to say, I ate poorly, too. No exercise, poor food choices, and irritability just compounded my issues.

Today, I’m back at it. Went to bed at midnight last night, woke up at 6:30 this morning. Ate a decent and lightweight meal this mid-morning/afternoon before work. And I got in a quick workout. As the cool people say these days:

Let’s goooooooooooo!

Tools I’m Using: Grocery Pick-Up

Thanks to modern technology, you can grocery shop without ever stepping foot inside a store. I’m a big fan of Target’s curbside service, which lets me select my meals from their app, then pull up to one of their designated parking spots. I tell the app where I’m at and what kind of car I’m driving, and a helpful Target employee runs my groceries out and loads them into my car.

The main reason I consider this a helpful tool is because it eliminates distractions I might encounter inside the grocery store. I’m not eyeing that special BOGO offer on family size Doritos, or tempted to pick up 4 cases of soda for $10. I order what I need, and skip all the potential pitfalls to my plans.

A second big perk to all of this, is I never have to interact with more than one person in this whole experience, and that’s just to tell them they have the right vehicle. Im not anti-social, I just don’t like going out in public. Well, maybe I’m a little anti-social.