Liquid Calories?

I believe liquid calories is the appropriate term. Either way, I’m making this short blog post to announce publicly that, as of 8:00 PM tonight, January 17, 2017, I’m going straight water to drink. Got to eliminate the Cokes, the tea, the juices. 

Now to see how strong my will power is!

Sony SRS-XB2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Purchased the Sony SRS-XB2 Bluetooth speaker from Best Buy for $69. I bought it for my wife to connect with her Amazon Echo Dot, or Amazon Music Unlimited from her phone, depending on which she feels like using. The item has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on the retail site, and reviews I looked at elsewhere where praising it.

My personal use of it the last couple of days is that I got my money’s worth, and then some. However, the bass can be overwhelming if you turn on the Bass Boost, so I make sure to keep that off. Also, maybe it’s because I have it placed on a wooden nightstand, but the music sounds kind of washed out, or restrained. Like I’m listening to it from behind a wall or something. It is loud and clear, but it just lacks that “oomph” and seems to focus strictly on bringing the boom with the bass.

It is bluetooth, but it also features NFC, so you just have to touch your NFC enabled phone to it to connect the two devices. It’s splash proof, portable (with a proclaimed 12-hour battery life, which I haven’t tested), and has a built-in mic, so you can carry on phone conversations via the speaker, leaving your hands free for other tasks.

It serves its purpose and connects seamlessly with my phone (Galaxy S7 edge), my wife’s phone (iPhone 7 Plus), and the Amazon Echo Dot, all via bluetooth.

If you’re looking for a loud, bass-bumping wireless speaker to add music through your house, this isn’t a bad buy. Definitely shop around on the price, though, because regular price at Amazon is still $99, despite other sites selling it for less.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!


Long time, no see! I’ve been away from the blog for awhile because our lives have been a bit busy for a month or so. It all started with my wife’s grandfather becoming ill, being diagnosed with what appears to be a sudden onset of dementia, and having various infections that were causing hallucinations and erratic behavior. Then her dad had knee replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been getting up every day to drive him to and from physical therapy. That continues on into next week, Mon-Fri. On top of that! We’ve got two sick kids, running fevers, coughing, etc.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a vacation! Christmas Vacation, to be exact. Starting this coming Thursday, I’ll be off until the 3rd of January 2017. I can’t wait. So excited. It’s gonna be huge. Biggly. But I did want to swing in and make sure to wish all of you guys/gals/readers a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Awesome New Year. I’m sure I’ll check in with you again soon, but just in case …


Decaffeinated Review Taco


If you get tired of hearing me drone on about everyday life, but still find a bit of humor (or even some enjoyment) out of reading my zany reviews of various media, might I recommend Decaffeinated Review Taco. This is a Tumblr page where I post nothing but my reviews of movies, books, tv shows, and video games.

I copy post the same reviews here, but if you just want the bare bones, quick and dirty reviews, feel free to head over there instead. No hard feelings, we’ll call it square. Just business.

Decaffeinated Review Taco on Tumblr

Doctor Strange


The weekend before Thanksgiving, my oldest son and I went to check out Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Let me begin by saying that I only know about Doctor Strange from what I’ve glanced over and read bits and pieces of over the years. Never read a comic, never researched the character, never really cared.

That said …

Doctor Strange is, in the opinion of me and my son, the best Marvel movie to-date. We loved it. A character that grows and develops. A film that hits the ground running and doesn’t let up until the last scene. And mid-and-after credits scenes that really mean something to the Marvel franchise and future Strange films.

The entire cast is perfect, acting top notch. Story is amazing, and from what I have heard other comic reviewers say, rips the origin story pretty much right from the comics. Awesome special effects.

When I first saw the Doctor Strange trailers on television and online, I was very doubtful of the movie. I even told my wife that I thought this might be the first MCU film I wouldn’t like, and actually considered not even seeing. Man, I’m so glad I didn’t follow my own thoughts on that.

Go see Doctor Strange, NOW.