Revamping Resolutions

Actually, after finally hitting 50 on my Human Warrior in World of Warcraft, I’m going to have to alter my New Years Resolution slightly.
Instead of "60 by March," we’re gonna knock that down to reaching level 55 by March.  Perhaps that’s a bit more realistic with my limited game play

Nothing Going On Here

It’s been quiet on the homefront.  Nothing exciting really going on, therefore no posts.  I haven’t even really seen anything on other sites that has caught my attention.  There was the passing of two celebrities over the past few weeks.  First being the former child star Brad Renfro, made famous after being cast in The Client.  The second came as a really big shock yesterday as news of Heath Ledger’s passing made its way around the media.  Not looking like a good year for young celebs.
On a side note and completely unrelated, Microsoft’s XBox Live! is now offering their apology "free" game, Undertow, available for a limited time (’til January 27th) for download from the XBox Live Marketplace as thanks and apology.

Choosing A Side In The HD War

The time has come, and I’ve chosen a side in the war.  That’s right, despite my backing and hopes that HD-DVD would prevail, it seems they’re doomed to go the route of Beta.  With that thought in mind, I’ve decided to go ahead and move to the Bluray format for my next-gen viewing pleasures.  I decided to go ahead and pick one because in a few more weeks I’ll be upgrading our television model to a slightly nicer 1080p set, and also checking on a decently priced surround sound system.  To go along with those two components, I also wanted a nice hi-def movie experience to enjoy …  Enter Bluray.
As anyone who has read my old site knows, I whole-heartedly wanted to see HD-DVD triumph because of my pure loathing of the Sony brand itself.  Yet, here we are in 2008, and I’m even going to the extend of purchasing a PS3 as our Bluray player of choice.  That decision didn’t come lightly either, but after reading the reviews and comparisons of current Bluray players on the market at four different sites, the PS3 is rated as the current best.  Of course in the world of technology, things change daily.  If you try and keep up, you’ll be broke within hours, if not minutes!
As for our television, the old LCD vs. Plasma battle came to mind as well.  Right now I’m looking for something between 42" and 47" – no larger, no smaller.  I’m kind of leaning toward a Plasma, but the bad seems to outweight the good on those.  There are alot of nicely priced LCDs, but I keep hearing side-viewing isn’t the greatest, and in our living room, someone at some point is going to be watching the television from the side angle.  Eventually it’ll all come to down features for the price in about 3 more weeks when I go shopping.
And finally, with the surround sound system, I really like the wireless bluetooth systems Sony has out.  You just have to have a plug available to power the speakers, but other than that, no wires to run or worry about hiding. Then again, they have the new systems that come with just one to three speakers and you don’t really have to worry about placement.  Need a tad bit more research in this area.
Overall, I have a plan …  it’s just a matter of executing it flawlessly … 

Amazon Kindle

Have you heard about Kindle? has launched its own digital reader, and it is nice.  Pricey, too, however as it comes in at $399 — the price of a PS3 or XBox 360 gaming unit.  It allows you to download select newspapers (for a subscription fee), various blogs and bestselling novels ($9.99 ea.) and read them where ever you have time. 
This is a nice design and great technology I wouldn’t mind having.  But $399?  I’ll have to pass, for now.  Maybe when it’s been out for a year or so and the price is a tad more decent.  Click the link above for more information and a few pictures and video about the device.