Falling Behind

Due to my job change at Parthenon, I’m unable to keep up on my reading!  The Awakened Mage is still sitting in the backseat of my car, crinkled from the sun and only half read.  I think this weekend would be a good time to finish it, as I have other books I’d like to get around to. 

My cough is getting better, though there is still a lingering of irritation.  There is still some cough syrup in the cabinet, and it needs to be finished.  Certainly don’t want to carry this thing any longer than I already have.

Cancelled my Myspace account.  I honestly saw no use in it.  Some people may have 50-100 friends on there that they talk and hang out with, but it’s just not for me.  Never really talked to anyone, aside from Bryan, Brian and Paul.  Everyone else was just kinda there, no offense to them, of course, I just never took the time to work on or keep up the relationships.

Other than that, it’s Tuesday.  Not much to say about this week.  Just waiting for Blizzard to finish their weekly update of the WoW servers, then getting ready for work. 


Didn’t You Hear? HD-DVD is Dead

The long walk down that green mile finally came to an end last week.  As of March, no more HD-DVD players.  Stores and online outlets are slashing prices to eliminate inventory.  Microsoft has dropped the HD-DVD add-on for the XBox 360 (they’re going for about $50 now in some places).  Blu-ray Disc has come out the winner.

Betamax, anyone?

Here is a list of suggestions on what to do with your new defunct HD-DVD player, taken from engadget.

1. Mail it to the office of Howard Stringer in protest of Blu-ray’s victory.
2. Plug it into your clothes dryer’s 240-volt outlet. Woops, honey! My bad, guess we have to buy a Blu-ray player now.
3. Finally, replace your Betamax player.
4. Buy the Blu-ray player of your choice, put it in the box, attempt to return it as "defective."
5. Channel it through Whoopi Goldberg and make some pottery with it.
6. Put a Blu-ray disc in the tray and then call up Toshiba when it doesn’t work. Repeatedly.
7. Put it in a time capsule, just to confuse future generations.
8. Buy a few dozen of ’em and build a little hut for your Blu-ray player.
9. Lock it alone in a room with a few lethal weapons… let it die honorably.
10. Use it to upscale DVDs, which is all you ever used it for anyways.

Doctor’s Report

Dr. Thompson was off yesterday, so I was able to see Dr. Cobb, one of his associates.  Two seconds into the visit and he asks me if I snore, proclaims I have sleep apnea and should consider having a sleep study done.  Er … I’m just here for a cough man.

As for the cough, it may have started out as bronchitis, but had hung around after going away as a lighter much more irritating respiritory infection.  Afterwords, he gave me the night off of work, prescribed me some steroids, cough syrup and an inhaler to open up my lungs.

I have to say, lastnight was the best nights sleep I’ve had in 2 months.  Wonderful.

Doing better today, not coughing as much, but that’s probably going to change once I go into work.