Naheim of Stormrage Progress Report #1

Thanks to a few instance runs with my pal Kalihn, Naheim dinged 51 Thursday morning.  My goal is to reach 55 by March, so the next 4 levels are gonna require all my attention.  Why?  Because the higher your level, the more XP it requires to move up.  Although, until I get to level 60, I’ve got that 20% increase in experience Blizzard implemented a patch or so ago.
Also, needing a place to store my gold so that I couldn’t spend it so easily, I formed my own 1-man guild, “Casual Pursuits,” and have already saved 65G.  “Casual Pursuits” isn’t against having other players join, it’s just that I’m too lazy to actually run a guild with all the drama that seems to come with them.  Maybe I’ll open enrollment after a few more levels.
Basic Stats:
Server: Stormrage
Name: Naheim
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Spec: Arms
Level: 51

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