GFW Magazine Shuts Down

Simon Cox’s Blog

Jeff Green’s Blog

News broke the other day that 1UP Networks The Official Games for Windows Magazine would be closing down immediately.  The May issue featuring a cover story on The Sims 3 will be their last print issue.  I say print issue because the magazine is going digital thanks to the recent reorganization of 1UP’s business.  Microsoft and 1UP released a newbit and both are excited about the movement to online distribution and the creation of a PC gaming portal for their network.

Microsoft also voiced support for the decision to move the official Games for Windows publication online. “Our partnership included both print and online from the start, and we are excited to continue expanding our online relationship with Ziff Davis,” said Kevin Unangst, Senior Global Director of Games for Windows at Microsoft. “We look forward to strong support for PC gaming from the talented 1UP Network team.”

You can read more from the blog entries posted above, or by doing a Google search, I’m sure.  Meanwhile, on a much more positive note, the regular gang will continue to do their weekly podcast!  Thank God for small miracles.  I love listening to those guys 🙂


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