News Tidbits

The FCC is cracking down on stores that are still selling analog televisions.  What with all broadcasting scheduled to go digital by 2009, stores such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and others are receiving millions of dollars in fines.  $6-Million in fines to be exact, divided between 11 companies.  The main reason stated for the fines is that televisions with only analog tuners were not properly marked and won’t get OTA TV after it’s shut down next year.

Wal-Mart paid $992k

Sears laid out $1.1-Million

Circuit City – $712k

Target – $296k

Best Buy – $280k

[Links:] Cable Digital News, Zatz Not Funny

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In an unscientific poll conducted by, a site that is "parent-oriented," it seems that the continuous spouting of "F" words and decapitated heads rate just a little lower than a gay kiss as major concerns for parents.  Yes, parents would rather their kids see heads lopped off and hear a constant barrage of swearing than to see two men/women kiss.  The only thing more offensive is a couple having sex.

[Links:] Game PoliticsJohn Davison

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Archaeologists now believe that Stonehenge served as a religious center and place of healing long before it’s new-famous stones were placed.  On a personal note, I’d love to visit here sometime.

[Links:] Stonehenge Dig Turns Up New Clues

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A video you probably won’t be seeing on Youtube: 6 teenage girls ganged up and beat a classmate for 30-minutes.  Slamming her head into a wall and taking turns pummeling her, all the while videotaping it to post on the internet.  Why?  Well, the Lakeland, FL girls say it was in response to slurs and insults the victim had posted about them on … wait for it … MySpace …

Taking the crime seriously, and thinking about the trouble they would be in, the girls were quoted as joking about their punishment being: "Not being able to go to the beach," a Florida sheriff said on the Today Show.

The 16-year-old victim suffered a concussion, has hearing loss in her left ear and some loss of vision in her left eye.  Her face has been obscured from the 3-minute video tape news shows are showing and her name is being withheld.  The attackers, however, are fasing charges of battery, false imprisonment and kidnapping.  Their names ARE being released: (Mercades Nichols (17), Brittini HArdcastle (17), April Cooper (14), Cara Murphy (16), Britney Mayes (17), Kayla Hassell (15) Zachary Ashley (17) and Stephen Schumaker (18))

The two boys in that list are accused of being lookouts.

[Links:] Teens Videotape Revenge Beating


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