Harvey Korman, 1927-2008

Now this is actually sad news from the world of Hollywood.  Comedy actor Harvey Korman passed away after complications with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm he suffered 4 months ago.  I use to love him on the Carol Burnett show and him and Tim Conway were gold … just as great as Abbott & Costello.


MSN TV News – Actor Harvey Korman Dies In Los Angeles

Lost Season 4 Finale (Brief & No Spoilers)

Wow, a great 2-hour ending tonight.  The pacing was a bit fast and the flash fowards kinda seemed rushed and mashed together.  Overall, it answered one or two questions but opened up a big ‘ole can of new ones. 

Few shows keep me wanting more after the screen goes black, but "Lost" is one of them.  I absolutely love the serialized content of modern shows such as "Lost" and "Heros."  Can not wait for next season, and really can’t wait for Season 4 to hit dvd.  Must own!

Lost Season 4 Finale Tonight!

Tune in, true believers!  The story of the Oceanic Six and how they became such is revealed.  The entire season has been building up to this point and tonight we hopefully find out what’s going on that lead up to Jack needing to get back to the Island in the near future.

Set those dvrs for ABC @ 9PM Central.