Harvey Korman, 1927-2008

Now this is actually sad news from the world of Hollywood.  Comedy actor Harvey Korman passed away after complications with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm he suffered 4 months ago.  I use to love him on the Carol Burnett show and him and Tim Conway were gold … just as great as Abbott & Costello.


MSN TV News – Actor Harvey Korman Dies In Los Angeles


Lost Season 4 Finale (Brief & No Spoilers)

Wow, a great 2-hour ending tonight.  The pacing was a bit fast and the flash fowards kinda seemed rushed and mashed together.  Overall, it answered one or two questions but opened up a big ‘ole can of new ones. 

Few shows keep me wanting more after the screen goes black, but "Lost" is one of them.  I absolutely love the serialized content of modern shows such as "Lost" and "Heros."  Can not wait for next season, and really can’t wait for Season 4 to hit dvd.  Must own!