Just Fries, Please!

Noah’s decided he’s just gonna eat french fries 99% of the time.  I know kids love their french fries, and I know it’s not exactly odd that all they want to eat is fries.  In fact, he has a cousin who eats almost nothing but fries and the doctor told his parents that as long as he was eating, it was fine.

Thing is, Noah will occasionally eat a steak biscuit, cheese pizza, mashed potatoes and various types of beans …  but mostly, especially during the week, all he wants is fries!  When we try to make him eat something else, he throws a fit, cries, gags himself, etc.

By making him eat during the week, are we hindering him from trying other things at other times?  What’s the deal?  He’s in the kitchen right now bawling because Jenn is trying to get him to eat 2 dinosaur chicken nuggets.

It’s annoying and nerve-racking to see him act this way over food.  I mean, it’s not like he’s obese or anything, we’re just trying to get him to eat something else besides fries for lunch.  Are we being bad parents?  Should we let him eat other foods only when he wants to?  What in the world is going through his head?


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