Go Team!

The best part is the mother of one of the teens charged in the beating … stooooooopid …


Teen beating caught on tape


Freakin’ Pervs, Man!

Okay, I admit, I’m the one that decided to post the story.  My fault.  But y’all are some perverts, man!  I go to check some of my referring addresses and this is what I get … People coming to my blog because of the Mini-Me Sex Tape!

That’s Some Hat …

Despite rumors, I’m really not all that cold-hearted.  But when you read a story like this, you gotta wonder if some people just don’t get what they deserve.  Yeah, that’s a cruel statement I just made, but honestly.  Unless you are severely mentally disabled (in which case you shouldn’t have been there in the first place) then … WTF …  You can send hate-mail to idontgiveaflip@gmail.com


AUSTELL, Ga. — A teenager decapitated by a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia, near Atlanta, may have been trying to retrieve a hat.

A police spokesman said they’re looking into the reports from witnesses. Six Flags’ officials say the 17-year-old boy from Columbia, S.C., scaled two 6-foot fences into a restricted area and passed warning signs. The boy’s name won’t be released until after the autopsy.

Police say the Batman roller coaster was going full speed when it hit the boy. The park’s Web site said the ride’s top speed is 50 mph. Police say another boy entered the restricted area with the victim, but was not hurt.

The ride was closed after the accident out of respect for the teen’s family, but is expected to reopen Monday.

XBox 360 Content Migration Tool (Finally!)

If you’ve ever had to send your console in for repair, you know the horror.  When you get it back, all the games and downloads you had before are useless unless you have a connection to the Live! service.  Yes, even though you paid for those downloads, you can’t use them until they’re verified … every … single … time …

Well, Microsoft has finally fixed this little problem by releasing the XBox 360 Content Migration Tool (aka, "the DRM fix"). 

The FAQ, Located Here says it’s a simple 2-step process.  It’s so simple, Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb has posted a video explaining how to do this.  I’ll edit in my take on this as soon as I’ve had a chance to do it myself.

EDIT: 6/29

Okay, so I followed the easy as pie Step 1 by clicking the "Start the license transfere process" link on the Faq page.  This required a quick log-in to my Xbox Live account.  Once there, it shows your console ID number, how many games and video licenses you have associated with your account.  On mine, for example, I have 24 video licenses and 350 game licenses. 

Step 2 required me to turn on my Xbox 360 and sign in to Live.  After that, I came back to my computer and clicked the "next" button which was suppose to download the "fix" to my console and transfere all my DRM rights.  Well, it’s suppose to anyways, but it said mine failed because all of my rights were already updated.  However, when I am not connected to Live on the 360, I’m unable to play Arcade games or access downloadable content that I purchased with the old console.  I dunno …  Oh, another little catch they didn’t brag about: you can only perform this function once a year (12 months).  So make sure your console does’t break down more than once a year, folks.  We all know how reliable the Xbox 360 is!