Month: July 2008

Like The Rain

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Fan made video with the Clint Black song, "Like the Rain."

Alt Fever

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That’s right, I got one toon to 70 and now I’m all about the alts.  In the last 2 weeks I’ve created a shaman, rogue and today a priest … yes, again …  The shaman is already level 22, the rogue is about to pop 10 and the priest is around 3 1/2 after a few minutes of play.

I know, I know, "How come your 53 warrior isn’t topped out yet?"  Well, because I got bored with the warrior class, same as I did my 36 mage.  Need something new, something different to hold me over until the Death Knights and "Wrath of the Lich King" is released.

But anyways, nothing to really say, just wanted to get my WoW ADD off my chest.  Carry on.  Plus, I wanted to secretly drive the Gold Farming Advertisers crazy when they find this post and aren’t able to spam me with comments:)

Do Dead People Watch You Shower?

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I’m actually wanting to read this book.  Call me crazy, but I can get into this kinda stuff.

Do Dead People Watch You Shower?: And Other Questions You’ve Been Al But Dying To Ask A Medium

Well … That’s One Way To Sell ‘Em …

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From MSN Moneyblog:

Buy a gas guzzler, get a gas-sipper free

Posted Jul 29 2008, 07:42 PM by Karen Datko

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Call it a desperation move or marketing genius. A Florida car dealer is offering a free energy-efficient car when customers buy a big truck or SUV.

BOGO in the showroom seems to be working. Dealer Jack Holcomb at New Smyrna Chevrolet in New Smyrna Beach said he’s generating interest in his previously shunned gas-guzzling inventory. (And, as you’ll note by reading the comments section below, it’s not a unique idea. Readers are reporting similar promotions across the country.)

We already knew that this is a great time to buy if you really need a big vehicle, because a lot fewer people want one — or can afford the gas for one — and the prices have dropped. Meanwhile, the auto industry — better late than never — has switched its priorities from making trucks and SUVs to more fuel-efficient sedans. Here’s a factlet for you: The sale of Hummers dropped 60% in May, according to Read More…

Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Says Aliens Have Vistied Earth

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First heard this Sunday afternoon on the car radio.  Interesting that this man not exactly a nutjob, but could it just be old age?

Read one Article Here.