Backyard Project 2008 – Phase 1, Step 1

I’ve created a new photo album which will house photos of my current project.  The goal is to turn the area beside our deck, and infront of our kitchen’s bay window, into a “sitting area” of sorts with a firepit in the middle for all to enjoy.  There use to be a little pond that the previous owners had put in, as well as a … er … flower bed of some sorts?  Not sure what they used the mulched in area for, there aren’t any flowers or shrubs growing from it.

Step 1 also included me picking up about 50 large rocks that they had staged around the area.  I did this last week, disposing of them in the wooded area behind our backyard.  Still a few left.  My next phase is to take up the mulch, the pond and the rest of the rocks (a bunch of medium to small ones still around there.)

There is also an annoying vine-like bush that is growing along the house … in some spots I’ve even pulled it out from under the siding where it was allowed to grow uncontrolled.

The overall build of my project, so far, is as follows:

Phase 1

  • Step 1: Remove rocks from area
  • Step 2: Dig up pond, shovel-up mulch and dispose of
  • Step 3: Clean-up of any remaining debris from work area

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