Well … That’s One Way To Sell ‘Em …

From MSN Moneyblog:

Buy a gas guzzler, get a gas-sipper free

Posted Jul 29 2008, 07:42 PM by Karen Datko

Filed under: Spending, Saving, Karen Datko, Transportation


Call it a desperation move or marketing genius. A Florida car dealer is offering a free energy-efficient car when customers buy a big truck or SUV.

BOGO in the showroom seems to be working. Dealer Jack Holcomb at New Smyrna Chevrolet in New Smyrna Beach said he’s generating interest in his previously shunned gas-guzzling inventory. (And, as you’ll note by reading the comments section below, it’s not a unique idea. Readers are reporting similar promotions across the country.)

We already knew that this is a great time to buy if you really need a big vehicle, because a lot fewer people want one — or can afford the gas for one — and the prices have dropped. Meanwhile, the auto industry — better late than never — has switched its priorities from making trucks and SUVs to more fuel-efficient sedans. Here’s a factlet for you: The sale of Hummers dropped 60% in May, according to Wired.com Read More…


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