My Wife Has Declared War On Krystals

My wife called home around 7:15 tonight and wanted to know if I wanted anything from Krystals.  She was at the drive-thru and about to order.  I told her to just pick me up a couple of Krystal burgers or something.

She finally makes it home around 7:55.  After paying for her order, she was asked to pull up.  She waited there for 10 minutes before finally getting out and going in, where there were 3 other people in line getting their orders complete with fries.  My wife asked them what was taking so long, and they told her they were waiting on fries … to which she inquired about the folks in line having some. A guy behind the counter proceeded to throw a “someone’s having chick problems tonight,” at her, to which Jenn replied that he’d best shut his smart mouth if he knew what was good for him.

She’s gonna call the manager tomorrow, but honestly, should she expect any less from Krystals or McDonalds?  This is what these places have been reduced to.  And no offense, but half the workers are either young black thugs, punk-ass white kids or mexicans that can’t speak English to start with.  I doubt she’ll get anything other than a quick, half-hearted “sorry,” but at least she’s going to try.

Oh, and for the record, if any drive-thru ever asks you to pull up, refuse.  I’ve found this out many moons ago and don’t do it anymore.

For the record, this was the Krystals on Nissan Drive in Smyrna.


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