That Crazy Nintendo! Acting Like Apple

Well, I say, “acting like Apple,” but at least Nintendo doesn’t release new versions of the DS and Wii every 4 months.  But that’s another story. 

After a few days of rumors, the Big N finally revealed the DSi, the next iteration of the Nintendo DS.  According to various sites, the DSi will be 12% thinner and will eliminate the GBA slot.  It will include 2 built-in cameras, at least one of those 3-megapixel (one on the outside and one on the inside, between the two screens when opened).  There will be an SD slot added for extra storage atop the new internal storage method to enhance the multimedia aspects of the system.  The screens are a little bigger at 3.25”.

There will also be a DSi Shop launched.  Using Nintendo Points, users will be able to connect to this store via Wi-Fi on their DS and download additional content, including a free browser application.  On a plus side, until March 2010, 1000 Nintendo Points will come bundles with each device.  The device itself is being released first in Japan for an American retail of around $178 in white and black flavors, but won’t be available here until next year.

Engadget Photo Gallery

PC World Article

Joystiq’s Side By Side Comparison of the DSI, PSP & iTouch


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