Undecided On The PSP

So I purchased this PSP “phat” system at a local pawn shop.  The guy said he would give me a 30 day guarantee instead of their usual “as-is” policy.  I’ve played around with it for about 4 days now, updated the firmware, bought 3 games for it (GTA Vice City Stories, FF Tactics and a 3rd part RPG I can’t recall the title to).  The problem is, I just can’t decide if I really want it or not.  I’m split between: I just need to give it time and find the right game, or: it’s not my style and need to take it back instead of wasting the money keeping something I don’t like.

Any advice?


One thought on “Undecided On The PSP

  1. Eh, the problem is, as soon as you purchase something, you get buyer\’s remorse for whatever reason 🙂  Same problem with the Wii you bought and sold earlier this year.  Give it time, PSP has some good titles out there, certainly more than the DS.  But if you just really hate it, I would return it.

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