Bought Transformers on Bluray Disc

Yes, it’s wasting money in some people’s eyes, since we had the regular dvd of the movie already.  But I picked up Transformers on bluray anyways (mainly because the Best Buy we went to last night didn’t have any visible Iron Man brd’s). 

I’m not much on reviewing items, since I tend to ramble and don’t really cover the high and low points that well, but I’ll throw this in for how great the disc looked.  My wife, who claims to never be big on noting the differences between dvd and bluray, sat down and watched five minutes of the bluray version of Transformers last night.  I quote her, “Wow, now that I can tell a difference in.  That looks nice.”

There ya go, folks.  Straight from the mouth of a person who could care less what format a movie is in!  And I hear Iron Man is just as good, if not better.  I can’t wait to find out.


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