Talked about it long enough.  Finally got around to doing it.  Yesterday I packed up my crap, went to Staples and bought some RAM to upgrade my system.  Yup, I’m cruising the ‘net in style, now.

My current PC came with 1GB of RAM installed in the form of 2 512MB chips.  It was great for casual computer use and browsing the web.  Playing some newer games, however, tended to be a little tedious because of the lag (for online games) and the wait/load times for disc drive games.

Staples had 2 1GB chips on sale for $49 after an instant rebate.  Picked them up, popped them into the computer with no issues, and everything is running smooth.  It’s nice to play WoW and be able to actually move in Shattrath City instead of watching my toon jerk across the screen at 1fps.


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