Lingers in Shadows (PS3)

Perhaps the weirdest form of digital interactive art I’ve ever seen.  With the images and music combined, it boarders on something from a nightmare.  LiS is an demoscene experience created by a Polish group known as Plastic exclusively for the PS3. 

I have no idea what the plotline is or even what the crap is going on, but as the 6-minute movie progresses, you are allowed to “unlock” various features, such as manipulation of time and simple control over a few objects (nothing extreme).  It’s creepy … creepy, dang it, I can’t express that enough. 

It is interesting and at $2.99 from the Playstation Store, it’s worth the download.  Oh, and it has Trophies.  ‘Nuff said …

Official PS3 “LiS” page


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