Consolidating Toons

With “Wrath of the Lich King” just a month away, I decided to go through my list of characters and whittle them down a bit.  The first to go were my low level Horde characters, though I kept a level 25 Orc warlock I started a month ago.  Those were the easy ones.  Not so easy were my Alliance characters.  I’m mainly an Alliance kind of guy, so I had to think about it for a bit.  I got rid of a shaman I’d worked up to 25 and started to delete my mage that’s been around for awhile.  My mage has enchanting and tailoring (good for bags and mats for other toons) so I decided to keep him.  My level 50 warrior that I’ve had since Day 1 … well … he’s gone.  It was a tough choice, expecially since he was the first toon I created, and I even paid to have him transfered from the Nordrassil server to play with a friend I found on Stormrage.  Yeah, I sold his stuff, mailed the gold to my main and deleted him.  Gone …

So now, I’m down to 4 toons.  Hunter, mage, warlock and paladin.  Clean enough!  And besides, once we begin the grinding from 70-80, I doubt anything but the hunter will be played for awhile.


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