Hit and Miss

Been one of those days.  Mostly good, but a few bad bits got tossed in there just to mess with me.  Mostly it was the Hollywood Video incident.  Now, my favorite relaxation method is missing …  That’s right, as expected with any significant patch, I guess, my server in World of Warcraft is down.  Several others, including Stormrage, are undergoing emergency maintenance.


Don’t feel like browsing the web and I’ve already tried to play a few different games, mostly Rock Band and Age of Empires 3, but it’s just not the same.  I guess I’ll just go to bed …

Here’s to hoping the rest of my week alone at work goes a little better, too.  Slight accident Friday night.  Nothing major, but since I was involved I’m sure there will be something said.  Oh well, it hasn’t ruined my weekend.  At least I didn’t take the new woman’s advice … she wanted me to lie about it …  Yeah, that would go over well!


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