It’s All About “The Now”

There are a few things I try not to discuss directly on my blog.  I do this to keep it clean and warzone free because there are just some things that are instant hot issues.  These things I try to avoid are: family controversy, work, politics and religion. 

But …

I’m in an extremely irritable mood, lately, and work has really been getting to me.  Aside from the fact that you go in and are pretty much working on a daily basis due to the economy, it’s the way my particular boss treats us.  I would say treats me, but it’s a popular opinion shared amongst my other co-workers, so I know I’m not being singled out.  It sure seems that way, though!

My particular complaint lies in the fact that my boss assumes I’m an idiot.  Yeah, I make mistakes, but that’s because I rarely get to go head to head with any issues that normally come up when I’m left alone to deal with them.  What I mean is, Monday through Friday I’m second banana to our 2nd shift “lead man,” who is OCD about everything.  He has to be the one to do everything himself because that’s the only way he’ll know it’s done to his specifications.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with this, I tend to be the same way about some things.  But then, when he takes off (like last week when he went on a 5 day vacation) and I’m left alone, then my boss just stares at me like it’s the end of the world. 

My last job, which I was at for 7 years, had me as a support manager (back when that actually meant something) for Wal-Mart.  I worked 12-15 hour days most of the time, starting my day off at 5PM and working split shifts.  I helped supervise anywhere from 15-25 people on a given night, watched over 11 different departments and helped out the front end when needed.  I could receive, ship, do the daily readings at midnight to tally up the sales (don’t think they have to do that anymore), catch shoplifters and take care of customer complaints.  I was damn good at that job and had numerous commendations from both management, co-workers and customers.

At my current job, which is to simply drive a forklift and load trucks … my boss treats me like the village idiot.  Nevermind the fact that they have all said that I am the best shipping/receiving clerk they’ve ever had, but you leave me alone to perform a task and you’d think the supervisor was going to go into convulsions.  What really … really makes this an issue with me is the fact … yes, I said FACT, that he isn’t too bright a bulb himself.  He thinks he’s Einstein, but seriously, you gotta open your eyes and face facts here.  Perhaps the fact that he’s been in the same job for 32 years isn’t because he’s good at it, but perhaps because he isn’t suited to do anything else …  Hmm … bet that hasn’t crossed his mind.

Anyways, since people get fired for lesser things when discussing their jobs, I guess I’d better cut this short.  I won’t even go into the issues of him being a poor manager, lacking basic warehouse skills and not being a people person.  That’s for another rant … 


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