Like Slipping Into An Old Comfortable Chair …

Taking a step back from Rep Grinding with my hunter, I’ve turned to the much needed task of leveling my mage.  That’s right, he’s sat around in Stormwind disenchanting my worthless greens long enough.  Parson the Mage (tailoring and enchanting) has been dusted off and is now level 41 and well on his way to 42. 

I’ve been tinkering around in Stranglethron Vale … lord have mercy, and gained a bit of experience doing the Hallow’s End quests that involve visiting the candy-filled pumpkins in each Alliance town.  Nice, easy XP.

Right now I figured I’d focus on a few old quests that were starting to mold in his questlog.  At the moment, I’m off to gather some bolt-charged brambles from Arathi for an old Mage questline.  And I gotta say, it’s kinda nice to be playing something new after grinding some reputation …  Refreshing.


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