Halloween Pumpkins for ‘08

Last year I bought one large pumpkin and did an awesome Blues Clues design.  This year, we went with a more simple approach.  Bought 3 pumpkins on our visit to Walden’s pumpkin far and finally carved them yesterday.  The results are pretty good. 

You can find the day/night photos (night coming soon) by visiting my Flickr

How to Get Thrown Off A Plane or Arrested

If you’re sitting next to someone on a plane who irritates you, try doing this:

1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case.
2. Remove your laptop.
3. Start it up.
4. Make sure the fellow traveller who is annoying you can see the screen.
5. Close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky and move your lips like you are praying.
6. Then click here.

Life Should Have Achievement Points

Seriously, I think it would be much more fun if we were all running around trying to raise our score.  Achievement points in life would probably get more people up and at ‘em, give them purpose and serve as a larger reward for our peace of mind.  Sure, we get the warm feeling of life’s great achievements, like getting married, having children, grandchildren, excelling in our jobs and having good friends.  But I believe a points system should be applied, along with the ability to track those points and achievements so we can show them off and brag about them.

“Hey Bill, what did you do this weekend?” Harry asked Monday at the coffee machine.

Bill smiles and pulls his Life Card out, presenting it to his co-worker.

“Wow, 50 points for picking up a girl at the bar?  Another 25 for buying some new clothes?  Whoa, you finally bought that surround sound system and earned 124 points?!  You’re a wild man, Bill, a wild man.”

Bill grins from the praise …

See?  Bill would normally come in and tell some possibly fabricated story to try and make his life seem more exciting.  Instead of risking friends thinking he was lying about something, he had the Life Card of Achievements to prove it …

Even daily tasks would have a single reward attached to them daily.  Larger events would have bigger points, of course.  And personal life achievements would be off the hook in point rewarding.  It would look something like this example chart:

Daily Routine (perform one each of the following items listed) – 50pts.

– Shower, shave, dress

– Eat 3 square meals

– Talk to 3 friends

– Call a family member and associate

See how much fun that would be?  You automatically get 50 points a day for doing your normal activities.  And on Fridays or something you’d have the “Bringin’ Home the Bacon” achievement, awarded 5pts for getting paid.  I’m telling you, I’m on to something big here.  If it can create addicts out of millions of gamers (360, PS3, WoW) then it can vastly improve on Joe Plumbers life …

I would proudly display my Life Card of Achievements, would you?