True Blood

I was skeptical, I admit it.  And, unwillingly I’ll admit that the news of Anna Paquin’s change of roles is what brought my attention to the show.  But now I’m here to tell you that after watching the first two episodes of “True Blood” back-to-back, I’m kinda liking this show.

There are two days left in this weekend and I plan on watching as many episodes on Comcast’s OnDemand service as I can before Monday.  Luckily, the last episode of the season is finally up, so I can watch all 12 without interruption.  That’s the way I like it!

If it continues to work for me, I’ll post more later, but right now, I’m giving it a thumbs up, even if the acting is a bit over the top and the accents … well …  It’s the story you have to go for here, and with the lack of top notch television these days, I’m a sucker for something new.

Word of warning, though, as expected with any cable television show – especially one on a “movie” channel – it has graphic language and some nudity, so don’t be surprised if you tune it expecting something too clean.

The Official HBO Website for True Blood


Xbox Live Continues Their Dis’ing of Silver Members

The other day, Major Nelson posted on his site the Black Friday deals Xbox Live was having on some DL content.  The catch?  This is available for Gold Members …  Nice … So to get a discount on games, you have to spend $50 a year to be entitled to such deals … 

Meanwhile, on the PSN Store, while the content may not be as wide and varied, the discount on their Price Promotions are available to all … 

Slowly the scales are tipping … ever … so … slowly …