Games, Books, Movies and Monday

I had a pretty decent weekend.  It was quiet and a bit lonely come Saturday, but that was because Jenn and Noah were off to a birthday party for most of the day.  After that, I told them to move on along and I’d tough it out here at the house, alone … playing … are you ready for this?  World of Warcraft!  Surprise!  But wait, that’s not all I’ve been doing.

I picked up Eragon, Book I of Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance Trilogy.”  So far I’m only 152 pages in and am really starting to enjoy the story.  A thread on a forum I visit had recommended this among numerous other books for “recommended reads,” and so here I am.  Already I have went and picked up Book II: Eldest, so I’ll be ready to jump right in when finished with the first.

Secondly, I held a mini-poll on Twitter and another forum I frequent.  The choices of the poll were simple: Fable 2 or Fallout 3?  Fallout 3 was the winner and I am now almost an hour into this game.  I’m playing it on easy and I’ll be darned if it still isn’t pretty difficult in parts.  Can’t really review this game, either, as I haven’t played that much of it yet.

Also bought “Incredible Hulk” and “Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” on Bluray Disc.  Beautiful pictures, great sound (as expected.)  Hulk was a much improved upon version than the Ang Lee version several years ago.  Yeah, as some critics state, it’s pretty much a rerun of the television series.  But to be honest, the television series was pretty good.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Indiana Jones was a little disappointing, but it wasn’t as bad as everyone has jeered it for.  My only complaint with the movie is that about 45 minutes of it seemed to be one big chase scene in the jungle.  It seemed as if it would never end.  Also, very predictable plot, almost over-simplified by the writing team to perhaps attract modern viewers.  In doing so, though, they have pee’d off the fans that made Indy successful in the past.  Still, a decent movie though, and one I’m proud to add to my collection.

And finally, it’s Monday.  Lord have mercy … But I won’t complain too much, as I’m lucky enough to still have a job (at least, last I checked!)


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