This Is It … Election Day ‘08

Well, according to all the polls, history is about to be made.  The United States will elect its first African American president tonight.  I have to be honest though, all these kids, lower-income families and african american’s that are casting their ballots for the first time … they’re getting just what they deserve.  There’s going to be some change all right, but I don’t think they realize just what kind it’s going to be. 

For decades this country has been run by rich, old white men …  I tend to believe that, despite the leads everyone says Obama has, in the end those all powerful hands that really run this country will have their final say and McCain will be elected anyways.

Either way, I’ll be glad the circus is over with.  Though, some folks on Wall Street are predicting a meltdown of the already unstable economy if Obama is elected.  Obama as president is not what the business leaders want because of his tax pans.  And really, big business is what helps/hurts us all.  Higher taxes on them means less jobs and wages for us.  But that’s another argument. 

Go vote.  Don’t care who you vote for, go vote and exercise your right. 


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