Starting to Sway from XBox 360 to Playstation

Lemme make a quick note of this.  Since I didn’t renew my $50 a year XBox Live membership, I’ve started to see some of the lesser noticed perks those paying gamers get.  My biggest complaint is the inability to download simple demos …  Right now, Mirror’s Edge and Lego Batman are on XBox Live for download, yet I can’t access them because I didn’t give Microsoft my $50 this year.  WTF?  We’re basically paying for demos now? 

“Oh, hey guys, if you wanna download free demos the day they’re released, we’re gonna need $50 a year.”

I know, I’m speaking out of turn here, because in another week or two, those demos will be released to everyone for free.  But my point is, I was able to go on Sony’s Playstation Store the day of the demos release and download it right away.  Free. 

I’m not arguing that XBox Live has the best online experience, but delaying demos for paying members?  Right.  Get on the ball, Microsoft, that’s just a little too high and mighty of you.  If you have to delay demos and other content for paying members, then to me you’re saying that your service isn’t worth the $50 alone.  If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to start chopping the price, eh?

Thank you for your time and attention during this public announcement.


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