Let’s Just Call Him, “The Democrat”

A new message from “The Democrat,” complete and uncut.  I assure you, I have not edited this in any way, it’s here for your viewing pleasure …  Click Here to view his last message (scroll to the very bottom of the link to view his comments to a MoveOn.org newsletter)

OK first off im an Obama supporter.i like most of his ideas and what he hopes to do .what is really bothering me in the amount of people that voted and didn’t have a real reason for why they voted for their candidate.i have yet to meet a McCain voter that has a real reason.one thing ,people ,you should not vote for or against someone because of the color of thier skin color ,if you do you don’t deserve the right to vote ! you should not vote for a group because of issues like abortion or gay marriage. one, those are laws the states decide for the most part .you should educate yourself on both candidates .On what they plan to do "not what one party says the other plans to do "because they both twist things to get you to think what they want you too.its politics people its mostly lies. don’t listen to the idiots on the radio"phil valentine" they do the same thing. research how your guy normally votes and if you like what he has done in their jobs so far.
also dont vote against someone because of their religion,its call freedom of religion for a reason. so many stupid people i meet think Obama is Muslim "One he is not" he is christian but that should have no place in our government .just because his dad wrote on his birth certificate "Muslim" does not make him one .im sure mine says im christian but i am not nor have i ever been! now if someone said to me that they voted McCain and they make more then 200k a year then id take that as an OK reason because McCain like most republicans are looking out for the wealthy , and you should be voting for the person that is looking out for your best interests .i would like to think that people would look out for the many instead of the few but we are a world of greedy and the ignorant.
with that being said ill move on to an idea Ive had. that maybe our new president could use.this idea is to help our unemployment problems that are getting worse by the day.
1st we need to shut our borders .
2nd all illegal immigrants that are already in our borders are given the option to server 2 years in our military or go back to their country. my ancestors fought for my place in this country . so i believe they should too.
i have nothing against them being here but they need to earn their right to be here and not break our laws and abuse our system. if i was them i would want to be here too ,but i would do it legally and i would be willing to do this to be in our country .
by doing this we would be freeing up millions of jobs. also to those of you that say "they are doing the jobs that we don’t want too"YOU ARE WRONG . i see American workers everyday losing their jobs to illegal immigrants that have fake social security cards and IDs. once again id like to say i have nothing against them but they are causing a lot of our economic problems at this time.they are not paying taxes ,they are causing our pay rates to go down for those of us working in the same fields. so by doing this plan more Americans will have jobs and the immigrants will have a chance to become legal so this really is a win win situation.
on to another issue. if our government continues to go the way of BUSH .we as a people need to stand up together and fight this injustice. our government in the past 8 years has done nothing but work towards making us FEAR them .they continue to take our rights away and RAPE our way of life. i am a firm believer that BUSH and his people belong in jail .there have been many times in history that "the people" that’s us lol stood up against the Evil governments and i feel that one of those times will be upon us soon if things don’t change .we should not Fear our government they are there to work for us but it seems they have lost sight of that! this is partly our fault sense we sat back and let them become more of a Mafia then an government .they want us to fear them because if we fear them we do nothing .
so they get rich and we all starve. so everyone out there that feels this way ,you can repost this or what ever you want to do bitch at me i dont care .


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