Beginning to Enjoy Fallout 3

I put in Fallout 3 this morning around 12:23AM and have been playing it now for about … 4 hours.  I am really, really starting to enjoy this game.  The first time I put it in, I was running around trying to do everything and shoot anything that moved.  Can’t do that, evidently … well, you can shoot pretty darn much anything that moves, but that’s not always a good idea.

This time, I’m taking it slow, doing side quests and leveling up my skills.  For the most part, I’m playing the good guy this time and helping everyone I can.  Well, almost everyone, there is the one fellow that wanted me to blow the entire first town I discovered off the map.  And from what I hear, you can actually do that!  May try that one next time around.

But right now, I’m getting a hang of the controls, how to use certain equipment and how to better utilize the VATS system, which is a targeting system that lets you select your shots ahead of time (i.e. – headshot, bodyshot, left/righ arm, left/right leg or attempt to shoot the weapon from their hand). 

Also leveled my 17 Paladin in WoW to 20.  Put my Hunter’s boar in the stables and tamed me an Un’goro Crater Stomper (a gorilla) and currently leveling him up.  Thanks to the new patch, pets of any level are automatically leveled up to 5-levels beneath your current level.  Max, as I’ve come to name him, is now at 68 from 65.  Good times.


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