15-Year Old Suffers Epileptic Seizure from “Wrath”

This is what gives games and gamers in general a bad name …

From 1up.com’s Kyle Stallock:

A 15 year-old Swedish boy may have had the drive to follow in his fellow European gamers’ footsteps of reaching level 80 in World of Warcraft in one 27 hour marathon session, but his body wasn’t nearly so keen on the idea. According to a Times report (via Kotaku), after playing Wrath of the Lich King for 24 hours straight, he "suffered what appeared to be an epileptic seizure." Doctors would later reveal the boy’s body systems "had been disrupted by a combination of sleep deprivation, lack of food, and the prolonged period of concentration playing the game."

Understandably, the boy’s father plans to place limits on the amount of time his son can play videogames after he makes a full recovery.

Let’s make something clear; marathon gaming sessions aren’t fundamentally bad since they have the potential to facilitate positive social interaction. But when Ho Hos and gumdrops become substitutes for spaghetti and meatballs and people start having seizures, it might be time to put that hot pocket down and reassess the situation.


One thought on “15-Year Old Suffers Epileptic Seizure from “Wrath”

  1. “marathon gaming sessions aren’t fundamentally bad…:” Sorry, gotta disagree on that… Sure, gaming for 2-3 hours a spell is pretty fun, especially if its an engaging title, like I’m sure Lich King is, but really… After a few hours, put down the controller or the keyboard, stand up, go grab a decent meal… go outside and get some fresh air, go visit with the family, do whatever you need to. Anybody who sits hours on end in front of a gaming console or PC is not having any kind of positive social interaction. Take some breaks, go visit someone, or call them up on the phone, and have an ACTUAL social interaction.

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