My Weekend Update for Dec. 8, 2008

Saturday was a busy day for me.  Usually I spend my Saturday mostly holded-up in the house and enjoying the peace and quiet that only being alone can bring.  Instead, we slept in late (about 10-ish) and then hung around the house ‘til about 1PM.  After getting cleaned up and dressed, we headed out to search for some “Dinosaur King” cards for Noah. 

Dinosaur King is a kids show on the CW (4kidstv) that comes on Saturday’s.  It’s basically a dinosaur version of Pokemon, as it involves these two teams of characters battling one another with dinosaurs.  Anyways, the actual products are V E R Y H A R D to find.  In fact, the cards are nowhere to be found around here.  We did manage to find a dvd of the first few episodes at Barnes & Nobles, which is going to cost us $15 to have it ordered and shipped to the store.  The cards and toys, however, can only be found on eBay, as far as I can tell, and most of them are imported from Japan. 

Anyways, we visited Toys R Us, Target and had dinner at Steak n’ Shake (which was free because we went about 10 minutes without even being offered a drink after being seated.  This was my wife’s doing as she is a bit tempermental when it comes to being waited on!  I was okay with it, as with Steak n’ Shake, you’re going to be waiting awhile anyways.  That’s just how they roll.  Oh, and on a side note, I visited a hardcore comic book store to search for those cards I was talking about … awesome place that I could easily blow a few thousand dollars in …  I believe it was called “Great Adventures,” in Murfreesboro on Thompson Lane, near the OnTarget shooting range.

Sunday, I won 3 eBay auctions for the pvc “Dinosaur King” toys I found on there.  “Straight from New York, imported from Japan!”  I went grocery shopping and hung the last strand of Christmas lights we needed for the house, condensed the extension cords and plugged everything up.  Looks nice, but nothing fancy this year.  Maybe next!  I also had some “bush lights” that are net-like lights you drap across your shrubs.  Unfortunately, our shrubs are now sticks … so I didn’t put those up.  I also leveled my hunter in World of Warcraft to 80 and bought about 1,300 gold worth of crap that I didn’t need, breaking my toon and sending me off in search of more money.

Today, I went to Logans for lunch to grab a to-go order and ended up writing a note on my ticket explaining why I didn’t leave a tip.  Hope that wasn’t too rude of me, but after waiting for 20 minutes (not to mention the 20 they said it would take when we called to get the order ready) they handed me the bag that had been sitting on the counter since I went in and had a seat.  All this after telling me it was being gotten together.  So I politely drew a line thru the tip section and left a note that said: “No tip because I had to wait too long on an order that was already bagged and sitting on the bar since I arrived.”  Then I grabbed my bag and ran like hell.

Now, I’m waiting …

Tomorrow I go for the orientation for a new job I’m starting.  It’s not a new-NEW job, but it’s a second job I plan on trying to keep for a few months, anyways.  Things are slow at my current job and we’re not getting a full 40 hours each week.  Not to mention the 2 weeks we’re hardly going to be working …  So posts and online time are going to be at a minimum for the next few months.  I hope to see y’all on the other side!  Wish me luck.


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