Comcast Doesn’t Want Me Playing WoW

Seems to be wide enough an issue that Blizzard is having to post notices on their progress.  It seems a third-party between Blizzard and Comcast is the cause of repeated disconnects from the game, and they are working to resolve the issue on all three ends.  For me: this means WoW is completely unplayable today.  I may be lucky enough to log in for 2 seconds, then I’m booted from the server.  Nice …  I hope Comcast gets their crap together soon.  I’ve got 7 more days off work … there’d better be some leveling going on at some point.


One thought on “Comcast Doesn’t Want Me Playing WoW

  1. Hi!

    I work for Comcast and came across your blog post. We are working diligently to resolve this problem. If you would like us to look further into where/how this issue is specifically effecting you, please email our team at Please include a traceroute if possible.

    Kind Regards and Happy Holidays!

    Melissa Mendoza
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations

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