For the Alliance!

There are 4 main Horde leaders in World of Warcraft.  Thrall (Orc), Lady Sylvannas (Undead), Cairn Bloodhoof (Tauren) and Lor’themar (Blood Elf).  For the Alliance! is the Alliance version of an achievement in which players must raid each main city to kill these leaders.  As of 12/17/08, I earned my achievement, along with the reward: a black war bear. 

For The Alliance Achievements

While it was actually pretty easy, Undercity was the most difficult because on the way back out, alot of people got stuck or lost and had to either rez, be summoned or hearth out.  Below is a few screen caps of the chaos … and chaos it was!

Taking Down Thrall

Thrall in Orgrimmar ^

Taking Down Kiel

Aftermath of Lor’themar ^

Taking Down Bloodhoof

Bloodhoof going down ^

Taking Down Lady Sylvanas

Sylvannas about to die, again … ^

It was loads of fun, barreling in to each enemy city and burrowing our way to the centers to find their bosses.  Truth is, though, it was easier than it should be since most everyone else was in Northrend leveling or experiencing the new content.  And the warbear is a nice gift from King Wrynn, but sadly just a re-skin of the other bear mounts you see in-game.


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