Post-Christmas Blues

We gorged ourselves, opened gifts from numerous clans and tucked ourselves in for the epic visit from the Fat Man himself, Santa.  And now it’s back to the same old everyday grind.  I’ve been off work for seven days now, and I don’t think there’s been a moments rest anywhere.  It’s been a long week, and only two more days to go!  Lord, have mercy!  But seriously, we had a good time, I think.  We ate great food, spent time with wonderful family and were all treated “right” by Good Ole Saint Nick. 

Tuesday night, we had my mom and Johnny over for gift exchange and a light dinner.  My mom wasn’t feeling well, unfortunately and they ended up having to leave early.  Later that night, around 12:30AM, I get a phone call.  And at our house, any phone call after 10PM can’t be good.  We ended up having to take my mom to the emergency room for a pinched nerve.  She wasn’t even able to walk, so the kind doctors refused to admit her to the hospital and instead gave her the “wonder drugs” of Percocet and Valium.  She’s still laid up in the bed today (Friday) because her doctor’s office is closed and the hospital refuses to admit her without her doctor’s approval.

Wednsday night was spent running between my mom and Jenn’s grandparents.  Jenn’s grandparents house is where the Fracker/Cole clan gathers on Christmas Eve and Day to rejoice and celebrate the giving and taking of gifts.  Christmas Eve we have a make-shift dinner (this year was homemade chili, finger sandwiches and various cookies and cakes).  Afterwards, when everyone has arrived and ate, we go down stairs to open gifts from one another amongst family, then everyone runs home.

Thursday, again between running between my mom and Jenn’s grandparents, we had the actual Christmas Luncheon.  Ham, sweet corn, scalloped potatos, homemade rolls, green beans, pinto beans, dressing, mashed potatos, cranberry sauce, brown gravy, etc, etc, etc.  Normally, after the meal, everyone would divide up into 2 groups.  Mostly the men would go downstairs to watch television or play the Wii, while mostly the women and a few of us guys would stay upstairs to play games.  This year, everyone parted ways and went about their own business. 

As for Jenn, Noah and I …  After leaving the grandparents house Wed. night, I went to check on my mom for a bit and Jenn came home to get Noah ready for bed.  They checked the Google Earth and saw Santa’s flight path.  He asked Jenn where Santa was and she said, “from the looks of it, just down the street”, to which my son screamed “I gotta get to bed!”, went to his bed and fell right to sleep … no arguments, no requests for bedtime stories, didn’t even take the time to use the potty.  Awesome.

I got home, helped do the “Santa” thing, rested for a few moments, then went to spend the night with my mom, who was by herself and unable to get out of bed.  Woke up at 5AM, came back home and crashed on my own bed waiting for Noah to get up.  He slept ‘til about 8, I guess, then we all hopped up, went to the living room and watched as he was completely frightened by the same dinosaur he had asked Santa for. 

This is the dinosaur in question.  Noah is absolutely afraid of it for some reason.  Yet, he loves the D-Rex my mom and her boyfriend got him.  I don’t understand it.  And in all honestly, Spike the Ultrasaur is the coolest piece of equipment I’ve ever seen in my life.  I’d love to have this for myself!  But, we’re taking it back for a refund so Noah can get something else he would rather have instead of keeping around a toy that scares the living crap out of him to the point of tears. 

The one thing he absolutely loves is the Dinosaur King toys Santa brought and left under the tree in his playroom.  I refer you to the Dinosaur King website, which promotes the TCG game, but there are also toys and a television cartoon.  He is addicted, and I foresee an intervention in the near future.  We’ve already laid out a schedule for his interaction with the Dinosaur King world … yes, my friends, it is that bad.

Other than my mom being sick, it’s been a nice holiday.  I do wish I could have enjoyed my time off a bit more, but, oh well.  There is always next week, when I’ll have an additional 5 days off. 

In the meantime, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday and wish you all an awesome new year to come.


2 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Blues

  1. Dude, seriously… I LOL’ed at the fact of Noah being scared of the Spike dinosaur. But I did get to looking at it on the site, and it is a bit “scary” looking, compared to the other ones.. that and the sheer size of it, probably overwhelmed him a bit… I could imagine the look on your face though.. like “REALLY!? We spent how much on this thing again!?” I’ve seen a bit of the Dinosaur King cartoon, it looks alright, but really.. all those shows are the same 🙂 My little bro was into Denver the Dinosaur when he was younger 🙂 Wait til Noah gets into the pokemon/yugioh stage 🙂

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