What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Happy New Year!

Originally I had posted a poorly structured paragraph or two concerning the economy and the job situation of pretty darn near everyone.  After re-reading the post, I deemed it too depressing and pulled it down.  This is, after all, a new year.  2009, to be exact, and a fresh start to everyone, should they choose to take it as such. 

I don’t have any real New Years Resolutions, not really …  There are some things I plan on focusing on this year, a few habits I want to change and some new, healthier habits I need to adopt.  Same as everyone else, I suppose, but hopefully I’ll stray the normal course this year by actually succeeding at all (or at least most) of my plans. 

And to everyone else – family, friends, strangers – I hope your new year is a happy and healthy one.  Stick to your guns and hang in there, it’s going to be a rough ride.  Yes, the economy is still in the dumps, but once the government leaves it alone it will start to correct itself naturally.  Unfortunately, there’s going to be a lot of us little guys going down as casualties.  I may be one of them!  But all will work out in the end, never forget that.  We just have to dig down deep and persevere through the hard times so that we can crawl out of the gunk re-energized and ready to rock!

Carry on, good neighbors, I’ll see you on the other end …


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