The Holidays Are Officially Over

It is January 5, 2009 and the holidays are officially over for me.  This marks the first day of the new year that I’ll be going back to work.  I won’t lie, the 2 week vacation was nice, even if it feels like I didn’t rest a single day of it.  But, in the tough economic times we’re facing, it is nice to be able to have a job to go back to – even if its future isn’t bright.

For the most part, my holiday was great.  The only downsides were my mom being sick and worrying about what the job front would look like when we went back.  And, even though I was busy and on the go nearly the entire two weeks, a few slacker-type things did manage to get some attention.

I bought, played and finished Fable 2.  I put some emphasis on ‘finished’ because there are three endings for Fable 2, and also the ability to continue playing and doing sidequests after the main storyline is complete.  So, as of today, I’m performing sidequests and trying for the rest of the achievements.  The final 2 achievements, which are one each for each of the different endings, I’m saving for last.  Since I was “into” the closing scenes and credits, I didn’t reset my console in time to go back and complete those goals before the game exited out and saved to its current state. 

I signed-up for and downloaded the 14-day trial of City of Heros, an online MMORPG that lets you create a superhero.  So far I’m iffy on the game.  The graphics aren’t that great, the animation of characters sucks and the lack of quests (at least, in the beginning areas) is really annoying.  You just run around and grind out your levels on random thugs strewn throughout the city.  The character creation is the best part about the game, though I’m sure there is some nice end-level content, I just can’t see it right now.

Finally got around to, and almost finished, reading Eragon.  I know, I know – the time I spent playing Fable 2 could have been dedicated to reading and I could probably be halfway into book 2 of the series by now.  Crazy me.  But, some things are best saved for passing time at work, and that’s where I like to read, for some odd and crazy reason.

In WoW, my Death Knight reached 70, dumped inscription (for now) and picked up a second gathering skill, skinning.  I figured this would be a better move, right now, since he could be gathering materials for my hunter/main that will make some money later.  He’s also fluent in herbalism, a second money maker.  I know skinning isn’t viewed as a major income providor, but I’m not thinking of matts to sell, I’m thinking of what my hunter can make with leatherworking that can be sold.

Also tampered with a couple of respecs to try and find something suitable for solo leveling.  I liked the ghoul minion, but honestly, with my new respec of 38/5/18, I’m breezing through multiple enemies with easy, so far.  And if things go well, I may go ahead and throw a few more points in to resurrect my minion as well.  A little extra help later on wouldn’t hurt.

Oh, and I even watched Hancock on Comcast OnDemand last night.  I’d put it off repeatedly because various media and internet forums kept saying how bad the movie was.  But, honestly, it wasn’t that bad.  I was pleasantly surprised, yet again.  It seems that the know-it-all folks on forums don’t know much else besides their own uppity opinions.  This would be the second time I was lead to believe one thing when actually something else entirely was true.

Briefly, I’ve also joined, a music community where users can recommend songs and search from a library of millions.  Facebook has become more lively.  Have a few application games going and finding some old schoolmates I haven’t seen in a very long time.  And, trying to write a bit more by blogging regularly in the new year.  Maybe it will pass on to a few new projects I have going on in my head.  Who knows what the year to come might hold in store.  We’ll just have to sit back and wait to see …


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