The Return of the Geeks

Everyone that follows gaming news knows of the shake-up by now.  A lot of good folks (or at least that’s my outsiders opinion of people I’ve never met) lost their jobs due to a failing business.  Times are tough all over with this “soft” economy that everyone is afraid of, but it takes hard determination and high spirits to turn around something bad into something good! 

The guys and gals have turned their layoff into new ventures, all around.  They are starting up their own blog-sites, recording their own podcasts and providing their own content.  These are people who enjoyed what they did/do and are so dedicated to the masses (that’s us) that they wish to continue doing it even in their free time!  So, if you are a fan of any of these guys, go to their sites and support them.  By listening, donating (if you can) and just offering words of encouragement and support.  They are doing this for us as much as for themselves. 

Here is the few that I know of:

Geekbox – is the personal blog of Ryan Scott.  He has just launched his first podcast, Geekbox Radio featuring himself, Karen Chu, Andrew Fitch, Greg Ford, Ryan Higgins, and Ernie P.

eat.sleep.game – is the reactivated blog/site of Arthur Gies, Anthony Gallegos, Phillip Kollar and Nick Suttner.  These guys are broadcasting on, their own personal podcast about gaming news, reviews and general talk.  Already 2 episodes in to and they’ve aquired enough donations to buy better equipment to provide us with good production podcasts.  The podcast is so popular, right now, that on its first episode it was #1 on the iTunes marketplace.  Not #1 in the gaming podcasts, but #1 over ALL podcasts.

Talking Orange – This is it, those famous faces from the 1UP Yours Show.  These guys are currently working on something.  Due to their particular production costs, however (I’m assuming video) they are contemplating going to a subscription based format.  Sounds like a business venture to me!  But you can read more about them at their blog.

Personally, I’d like to see all of these guys come together and form their own video gaming site.  Not three separate entities, but one forum which would gives us, the REAL gamer, what we want.  And yes, I’d be avoiding the inevitable if I didn’t suggest that it all be brought together by Jeff Green.  Who wouldn’t want him around to keep the lid on the boiling pot!

Good luck to all of these guys/gals and may their ventures into this brave new world be worthwhile.


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