One of Them Days (All Week Long)

Last week was a bit off kilter.  It didn’t go well at all, for anyone, it seems.  Work life and home life fell apart like crumbs off a cookie.  Seriously.  At work, we were dropping bundles, messing up paperwork, tagging parts to the wrong orders, backed up and behind.  At home, Jenn’s grandmother went to the emergency room for stomach pains and ended up on a 4 day stay for gall-stones.  Noah’s been sick, Jenn doesn’t look to great because she’s been at the hospital and I’m waking up with sore throats, runny noses, high blood pressure from work and flat tires. 

Calgon, you can’t help anymore.  Lord, give me direction!

On a bright note, Noah and I went to Chuck E. Cheese’s Saturday and had a pretty good time.  I bought $10 worth of tokens and we played games and had fun.  Afterwards, we went to Sonic and had chili dogs and fries.  He likes to eat in the car so he can sit up front and listen to the radio.  We finished up there, grabbed some ice cream and came home. 

Eh, I can get in a gloomy mood easy enough, but I’ve still got it better than most people out there.  Last week was a rough one, but … knock on wood … I’ve still got a good job (though a very, very fragile one that scares me to death) and a great family.  I just hope this week is better. 


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