Predictions (Spoilers for BSG, Heros, Lost)

So far, this season, I’ve enjoyed the first few episodes of “Lost,” loved the last weeks episode of “Battlestar Galactica,” and can’t wait for “Heros” to premier tonight.  What do I expect of these shows?  I have a prediction about major plots in all three.

First, “Lost.”  We know that The Others have seemingly always been on the island.  This season, we’re experiencing the jumps in time that the survivors are making.  My simple prediction is: the survivors eventually become the parents (ancestors) of the entire Others tribe.  Did that make sense?  I figure that with the involvement of time travel, we are going to be given some paradox along those lines, which is why they are all drawn to the island.

Second, with “Heros.”  Nathan is not acting like Nathan.  I predict that we discover his father somehow took control of his body.  Like Future Peter’s ability to put people’s souls in other bodies, I think Arthur Petrelli did something similar to himself and Nathan.

Finally, with the last episode of BSG, we saw Adama and Tigh trapped in a room with a grenade of some type thrown in by the traitors.  I bet Tigh threw himself on Adama and saved him ‘ala Six saving Baltar on Caprica, by standing in front of him when the nuclear bomb went off.  I am also hoping Gaeta gets his frakkin’ head blown off.  I have never liked that man.


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