Crazy Dream About “School”

Last night I had the craziest dream.  In it, I was my current age, but in school with everyone else I went to school with … and they were present day age as well.  Two of us were in trouble for one reason or another and were having to stand against the wall … but it was odd because there seemed to be no control in the class.  Next thing I know, the bell rings and we all take off into the halways.

This is where it gets weird.  It was my old school, but it was different.  As I run through the halls trying to get to the next class, I realize that this particular school is in the future!  It’s decked out with stores amid the classrooms.  Books for sale line walls, produce is in the main hallway, clothes are being sold in one room, etc, etc.  And the school is huge,  at least 3 stories high. 

At one point, looking for my next class, I wander outside … the landscape is a wasteland, people are grungy and fighting over something.  It’s evidently a post-apocalyptic wasteland and everyone has taken up residence in the multi-level school.  To make matters worse, the classrooms are scattered amongst all three levels as are various factions of people, not all of them getting along. 

I woke up after realize this because of someone in the house talking.  It was probably my weirdest dream in awhile.  I actually had a semi-related dream just before that, but it took place somewhere else and the main person was trying to – for some reason or another – kill someone in an old house in the upstairs section.  All secretive about it, trying to hide the gun and everything.  Right when he was about to go upstairs, that’s when my dream seemed to switch to the school dream.

Crazy man, crazy.


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