Quiet Saturday Afternoon

It’s suppose to start raining around 3PM, then later this evening turn into snow showers.  Nothing yet, and it’s almost 4.  Cloudy and dark outside, heavy winds at times.  Actually kind of nice, in my opinion.

Woke up and saw the wife and son off to Cookville to visit her grandmother on the father’s side.  She’s been in the hospital after having some breathing treatments, a pig valve implanted in her heart and having what they believe was a minor stroke and internal bleeding following the surgery.  Amazingly, she’s doing fine, now!  Modern medicine and prayer, what a wonderful combination, eh?

After they left I went back to bed for a couple of hours then grabbed a quick shower.  I drove to Stewertsboro Elementary School to register Noah for summer t-ball (coach pitch w/ a tee if needed).  That was $73 invested in his fitness.  Afterwards, I called to check on my mom, grabbed a bite from Sonic and came home. 

Now I’m playing some WoW, doing some laundry and tidying up here and there as I go.  It’s just another nice, quiet weekend.  I hope yours is the same!


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