Going On About Nothing

It’s been a short week, though the last few hours of work each night tend to drag out forever.  Beautiful day, today.  Sunny and warm with a bit of a chilly wind every now and then. 

Noah and I went outside and swung, rode his 4-wheeler and practiced some hitting and catching for his t-ball skills evaluation tonight.  I won’t be able to attend that, but I’m sure he’ll do well as long as he doesn’t get into a goofy or whiney mood.

I’m caught up on pretty much all of my weekly shows except for Dollhouse.  Still have yet to watch any of the show except for the first one, which showed promise.  Lost is pretty good this season, especially last nights (“LaFleur”).  I thought Sawyer held his own very nicely for an episode in which he was the main focus.

Heros is much better this second half of the season, though the plot is starting to get a bit convoluted.  They need to start wrapping up some storylines and centralizing on the main goal for the remaining episodes.

And finally, I hope all of you are doing well that read this.  Take care and I’ll check back soon.