Big Red Kitty On Hiatus … Indefinately?

One of the great hunter class blogs out there on the interwebz is Big Red Kitty.  He produces a fine podcast discussing the hunter, providing professional tips, tricks, advice and news relating to our business as a pet class.  Most recently, he even joined Project Lore and was playing/narrating videos to show players how to play a hunter starting at level 1 and on up.

The man behind the Dwarf is a gentleman named Daniel who works at … NASA!  He’s married, has a child and manages to juggle this little World of Warcraft venture (podcast, videos, gametime …)  Or so we thought.  Evidently a few balls started to fall. 

It seems Daniel/BRK is taking time out of the game to focus on his family.  He explains why on his blog, and I feel it is something better red straight from the “horse’s mouth,” than being reposted on another site.  But he will be missed, if this is a permanent withdrawal. 

My wife has commented, occasionally, about my play habits for Warcraft, but we’ve managed to work out a decent schedule, I believe.  I mostly play at night when I get home from work and everyone is in bed.  Every now and then I’ll log in during the day to do a daily or two to grind honor or gold, and then I’m off doing my usual pre-work duties. 

World of Warcraft can take alot of time out of your day, hence the jokes of the overweight geeky gamers living in their parents basements eating cheetos and poopsocking it … I’ll refer you to the old GFW Radio podcast for references on the whole poopsocking subject.  But I digress …

One must learn to focus on reality first (duh).  Family … job … friends …  Warcraft will still be there when you get back … as will any game … it isn’t going anywhere, not for a long, long while.


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