Falling Behind Again

After watching American Idol lastnight, I checked the DVR status.  I have Terminator: TSCC and Dollhouse episodes as well as a few movies my wife has recorded.  Our DVR is 70% full, and I need to start catching up on my two shows before the recorder starts deleting items to make room.

With the upcoming three day weekend, I’m sure I’ll be able to work in some viewing time.  There are also a few games on the 360 I’d like to get some playtime on.  And, of course, there are a few I’d like to demo or rent and try out.

And, finally, the Nintendo DSi released this week.  As I’ve been in the need for a DS, I am very tempted to pick one up soon.  Of course, I’m also starting to get turned on to the idea of an iPod Touch, not for the ability to play music, but for the simple fact that it has amazing apps and games available on the iTunes Store.

So many gadgets … so little money and time …


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