I Can See The Future!!

I predicted this a month ago.  When it was being reported that the Octomom had cameras in her house to “help her monitor her babies,” I told my wife, “They’re fixin’ to do a reality show.”

What drew me to this conclusion?  Why … because it was commented in a news clip that she had a camera in her garage … that isn’t exactly essential in monitoring your newborn babies. 

This woman’s 15 minutes are up, they need to take the kids away from her, all of them, and then when she can actually start taking care of herself, then slowly feed them back into her life.  Seriously, I don’t think I’m being cruel here, she needs someone to slap some sense into her, not reward her for insane decisions by giving her more attention.

But, of course, like the rest of America, I’ll tune it to see how crazy she really is.

Nadya Suleman in Talks For Reality Show – MSNBC


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