Can’t Get Motivated

The fabulous three day weekend is all but gone.  We didn’t do anything Friday because of the severe weather in the area.  Saturday, we skipped Noah’s t-ball practice because he hasn’t felt too good.  We had lunch at Cheddars, swung by Toys R Us and then I went into Barnes & Noble to pick up some books.  That was pretty much it.  Today, I skipped church (yes, I know, it was Easter!)  Stayed home, took off some trash, folded some clothes, etc. 

I just can’t seem to get motivated to do anything.  And when I say anything, I mean: I haven’t even played WoW this weekend!  We hung out for a bit Saturday afternoon before heading out and played some Mario Kart on the Wii and I played a little Rock Band Friday and Saturday.  But that was out of nowhere and with nothing else I really felt like doing. 

I did watch “Saw V” early, early, early Saturday morning.  Tied up a bunch of lose ends from the previous few movies and set up the sixth in the series.  It’s getting a little long in the tooth with the whole “torcher porn” it displays.  But then again, all of that particular genre is getting a little worn.

Oh well, here is to a better week!  Let’s get out there and do right this time.


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