Hadox, Human Male Warlock

April 16th, 2009, I started another alt.  A Human warlock, it’s the third or fourth time I’ve actually started a race of this particular class.  My goal, this time, was slightly different. 

You see, I have a problem leveling without guidance.  It isn’t that I don’t or can’t read the quest text.  No, that isn’t the problem.  The way my mind and interest works is that I have to have a specific step-by-step plan.  So, rolling up this alt, I also downloaded a fairly new mod to test out. 

Thanks to the creator of James’ Leveling Guides, some of the most popular detailed leveling guides for World of Warcraft, we now have an in-game add on version.  Available at World of Warcraft Pro, James’ Leveling Guide: Addon Version, uses two popular Warcraft addons along with their own.  As of patch 3.1, Tomtom and Tourguide have both been updated for the patch, though to use the leveling guide, you’ll have to select to load out of date addons.  It will still work fine, mind you, since it is mainly a text-based addon.

So that, in a nutshell, is my plan.  Having only one level 80 character, a female Draenei hunter, this warlock will be my second.  Using James’ Leveling Guide and my few hours of gameplay each day, Hadox will slowly (or quickly) grind his way to the coveted level 80 spot.  My second character to achieve such an honor. 

I’ll document the journey here, time allowed, and share my experiences with this new addon and how it seems to work for me.  Since creating Hadox this past Thursday, I am, as of 12:48AM this Monday morning, at level 21 and about to tick over to 22.  With only two hours of average gameplay a day, if that, I’ve leveled nearly 22 levels in 4 days.  That isn’t bad in my little world, folks.  Just have to maintain focus, my one weakness.

So stay tuned, we’ll be figuring out some gear in the next post or two as I draw closer to 25 or 30.


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