Hadox — Talent Spec

Warlock (19/52/0) – Talent Calculator – WoW Head

This is a link to the build I’m currently working toward for Hadox.  Of course, I’m a bit aways on this, but it’s my general plan.  As with my hunter, where I took care of my pet and went Beat Mastery, I intend to take care of my demons by spec’ing Demonology.   Also, to buff up my curses, a few points will go into Affliction for good measure. 

I realize, alot of people plan their specs around a specific play style.  “Oh, this build is perfect for PVP and I’ll kick butt in arenas!”  or “Oh, yes, PVE all the way, this is how everyone should play.”

Myself, I spec how I want to spec based on what I see and like.  It may not be the most popular or allow me to level at the speed of light, but I don’t want to create a character and be max level in a days time.  My particular play style involves taking my time and enjoying the experience.  As I’m always telling people who want to know how they should spec or what gear they should get, “Play how you want to play.  It’s your $15.”


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